Precision Market Reports (PMR) provides quality data cleaning or validation services for market research with a professionalized team of experts. Precision Market Reports (PMR) uses its experience and expertise to deliver fast turnaround and uncompromised services while maintaining cost effectiveness. For every project, Precision Market Reports (PMR) delivers the same quality of work. Whether your ventures are multi-country, multi-lingual or single country (national or regional language).
1. A team of experienced analysts who are able to handle various projects
2. Analysts have expertise in monitoring studies, socio-economic studies,
branding, usage and attitude studies, concept tests and omnibus studies.

Types of Data Analysis: Techniques and Methods:

  • Text Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Prescriptive Analysis

Programming for Survey:

Precision Market Reports (PMR) provides highly accurate survey programming services using the best techniques, such as Data Collection, Confirm and many more, with outstanding quality and fast turnaround. Precision Market Reports support complex segmentation, challenging routing, and algorithm joint all (PMR).
In order to suggest the best cost-effective solution and deliver accurate results, Precision Market Reports (PMR) analyses and understands the needs of data collection clients.

Coding for Open Ends:

Precision Market Reports (PMR) provides open ended coding of different survey types. Each Coding Analyst has years of experience with extensive skills and detailed knowledge of analytics related to data. Per month, the Precision Market Reports (PMR) team provides coding assignments for over thousands of surveys.
The team has coding experience for online and offline tools such as Ascribe and other customer-specific tools.
Precision Market Reports (PMR) uses the latest advanced coding techniques. Precision Market Reports (PMR) delivers Open End Coding for Food, Nutrition, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Automotive and many other business verticals.

Reading Presentation and Report:

Precision Market Reports (PMR) provides consumers with data presentation and report writing services in their preferred format, be it Microsoft Excel, PPT, etc. For ease of interpretation, the displayed data in and study or presentation is tidy, precise, and clear and followed by smart infographics.
Precision Market Reports (PMR) takes care of all criteria involved with market statistics and offers outstanding outcomes for presentation and report preparation. The analyst team has the expertise and outstanding sense to collect the necessary data from a vast range of data tables from a sample, resulting in the study's goals being achieved.

Review of statistics:

Precision Market Reports (PMR) provides Regression / Correlation Analysis, Turf Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Conjoint Analysis with efficient and reliable outcomes.
Precision Market Reports (PMR) offers top-notch statistical research services with a team of certified programmers capable of designing complex studies that provide key analyses of sample results or analyzed data.

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