Privacy Policy :

Precision Market Reports (PMR) ("us," "we," or "Company") undertakes to respect the privacy rights of the Company Website's clients, tourists, and all users (the "Site"). This Website Privacy Policy (this "Policy") was designed to give you confidence when you access and use the Website and to show our adherence to equal information policies and privacy security. This Policy applies exclusively to the Site and not to all other websites that you may be allowed to access from the Site, both of which may have procedures and strategies that vary materially from this Policy in terms of data collection and usage.

How safe is the data you have with us? :

We take the confidentiality of data very seriously, particularly that of personal data. By keeping protection and privacy in mind, all our programs and processes are scheduled, planned and controlled. Powerful regulations, including continuous supervision, annual safety checks, internal/external assessments and verifications, are subject to the scheme. In order to have the same degree of data security as required under the Principles and relevant laws and regulations, we contractually mandate our agents, service providers, and associates who can process data related to the Services. We use encryption technologies (data scrambling) and authentication software to secure information that you can provide via our website if circumstances require. In addition, our staff are informed that any information can be used only in compliance with the principles of this Privacy Policy for the Website, or other policies and procedures for information protection that we may follow from time to time, and the laws specific to any individual organization. To secure information that you can provide through our website, we use encryption technology (data scrambling) and authentication tools. In addition, our staff are informed that any information can be used only in compliance with the principles of this Privacy Policy for the Website, or other policies and procedures for information protection that we may follow from time to time, and the laws specific to any individual organization.

What data do we collect? :

In the following areas and means, we collect information:

  • The details you send us when you sign up for or retain an account, register with us for some case, or otherwise request a service from us.
  • Your data we collect from consumers, your employers or others through referrals.
  • Your information that could be obtained from third parties as part of our outreach and prospecting efforts, including, in some cases, publicly accessible directories.

The details obtained by the means mentioned above would be limited to:

  • Name, email, phone number, address
  • Job title and professional details
  • Billing related information (where applicable)
  • Any information relevant to event attendance
  • Opinions and other information requested and provided by you through website and other channels.

We can automatically capture and analyze those details when you use our websites, including unique browser identifiers, IP addresses, information about your browser and operating system, computer identifiers, geo-location and other device-specific information, and information about Internet connections.


We use cookies to store visitor expectations, record user-specific details on what sites users view or visit, warn visitors to new places that we feel may be of interest to them when they return to our website, record previous interactions on a website to provide better support. When travelers return to the website, make sure that the same banner advertisements are not sent frequently to visitors and modify the content of the web page based on the type of visitor's browser or other details sent by the visitor. Most browsers are set up to accept cookies, so when you get a new cookie, you can change your settings to make your browser alert you or you can change your settings to fail to accept cookies.


This website does not include children under the age of 18 with programs or offer goods. If we find that we have acquired some information from a child under the age of 18 in breach of this policy, we will instantly delete the information. Please contact us promptly if you think we have received any details from or about someone under the age of 18. When accessing and using the Services, we and our third-party service providers, including analytics providers and third-party content providers or advertisement partners, can automatically collect that information (“Usage Information”). For online behavioral advertisement purposes, we can share your personal information or your non-personally identifiable information with ad networks.

What Organization Gathers Extra Information?

The knowledge categories listed below are gathered indirectly from you:


The website can also capture "traffic data" from sources such as Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and Google Tag Manager. Your IP address and browser history may be included in this info. This knowledge is used for the purposes of marketing or to enhance the services we provide.


We may use the typical 'cookies' feature of major browser applications from time to time, which helps us to store a small piece of data about your visit to our website on your computer. On our website, we do not use any data capture method other than cookies. Cookies empower us to understand which parts of our website are usable and which areas need to be changed. By adjusting the settings on your browser, you can choose whether to accept cookies. However, your experience on our website will be reduced if you want to uninstall this option, and certain features may not function as expected.


The Website has security mechanisms in place to deter the deletion, misuse, and modification of the information we receive from you, but we do not offer any promises as to our capacity to prevent any such loss, misuse, misuse, misuse, misuse or alteration by you or another other party.

Who are we going to reveal this sensitive detail to?

Only small, designated employees inside our company can report the details supplied by you and be available. These employees could be part of all of the PMR's registered companies and their subsidiaries. Part of the personal data can also be exchanged with designated suppliers of services/solutions serving as sub-processors for various reasons, such as submitting emails, analytics, tracking and troubleshooting, etc. Contractually, our agents, service providers and associates who may handle sensitive data relating to the Services are obliged to have the same degree of personal data security as required by the Principles and relevant laws and regulations. We may not transfer personal data to a third party for the own benefit of a third party, but as part of our Offerings and Deliverables, for our legal business purposes only. We can also pass data, subject to appropriate requests and requirements, to public authorities for law enforcement or national security purposes, in compliance with our legal obligations, where appropriate and applicable. We must also reveal, where otherwise necessary by law, information (including any personal data).

Where is it going to store and pass the data to?

The collected data will be maintained on protected PMR-owned and operated servers and systems. In order to conform with the negotiated and lawful retrieval, the data can be processed and/or transmitted within or beyond the area of collection. However, any data transmission beyond the data subject area will be carried out in accordance with the relevant Privacy Acts and Regulations.

What are we doing with the gathered information? :

In the following ways, we use your collected information:

  • The sign-up information is kept in our database and used for further verification and authentication purposes, where appropriate.
  • To provide you with some updates on topics of concern and importance to you, including details on our latest deals, and activities that might be of significance to you. These will only be submitted for the same according to your particular permission.

For our valid interests in carrying out our business, for example:

  • To satisfy your demands and services chosen;
  • To respond to your questions, comments, or inquiries regarding customer service;
  • To speak with you about your account elsewhere;
  • To do testing and study, including, with your permission, surveys;
  • For operations and associated programs,
  • Regulation of the regulatory language regulating our websites and services;
  • To produce aggregated or anonymized knowledge that we can need

The collected technological and associated end-user data would be used for the following purposes:

  • Monitoring and analysis in order to ensure reliable and successful performance and utilization of the device.
  • Identifying and proactively handling any technological challenges
  • Troubleshooting and aid uses.

We can also use third-party platforms and software in this process, such as Google analytics, where applicable. We do not profile users or track user actions, either manually or automatically, using personal information for any reason other than reasonably necessary as part of our distribution and support of the specified service. For any reason other than those detailed in this privacy policy, we do not use the personal data collected/provided to us.

How long will the data be kept in our systems?

The general rule of preservation of personal data shall extend only for as long as it is appropriate for the purposes for which it was obtained to be fulfilled and in compliance with the relevant legal and regulatory criteria. Your information with us will be kept unless there is a valid business intent and use of it, unless: the information is deleted from your end upon clear request and corresponding approval from our end on the same. To do so, there is a real and legitimate obligation from our end, caused by company or regulatory/legal requirements.

What are the rights to your confidential knowledge that remains with us?

Subject to applicable law(s) and regulations, including but not limited to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in relation to your personal data residing with us, you will have any or more of the following rights open to you:

  • Obtain a copy of your personal data, along with information about how and on what basis it is stored and used;
  • access to and rectification of incorrect personal data (including the right to complete missing personal data);
  • to recommend that your personal data residing with us be erased/deleted, subject to clear meaning and terms and conditions;
  • To order that the collection of your personal data be limited under such conditions.
  • port the data to a third party (or you) in machine-readable format;
  • revoke your consent to our collection of your personal data (where your consent is dependent on the processing); and;
  • To lodge a complaint in your area with the supervisory authority or competent authority;
  • Not to be discriminated at for not sharing or providing access to personal data.

At any time, you can object to the use of your personal data by contacting [email protected].

With regards to our collection and use of your personal data, control your choice. In accordance with all matters of privacy, please contact us at [email protected].

Please notice that proof of identity can be required and we reserve the right to charge a fee allowed by statute, in particular if your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive. Under all relevant timeframes, we will aim to respond to your letter.


You can contact us through the means provided on this site if you have any questions or details about this policy.

These terms and conditions shall be regulated by and construed in conformity with the laws of India and shall be referred to in respect of any conflict [email protected].